Roof Rack Tie Downs

If you need to keep a load secure while you’re on the road, our range of tie downs are one of the best ways to do so. They’re a fantastic solution for keeping sporting equipment, extra luggage or purchases from the hardware store safe and secure while driving.

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By keeping your items solidly in place on your roof rack, you’ll avoid them slipping around, getting damaged or even falling off the roof of your car entirely. You’ll be able to wave goodbye to the risk of accidents or fines with the straps and tie downs here at Roof Racks NZ.

Keep Your Equipment Snug and Secure

Whether you’re heading out to the beach to surf, hitting the road for an awesome new camping trip or just heading to the hardware store to pick up supplies, our high-quality vehicle racks and roof rack tie downs will ensure you’re all set. They’ll free up space in your car which you can use for your bike helmets, extra towels or camping accessories.

These straps are quick and straightforward to use and ensure that your loads remain securely attached to your roof racks. They’ll ensure that things don’t go slipping and sliding around, reducing your vehicle’s aerodynamics when you’re driving at speed. They’re also a far safer option.

That’s because transporting oversize cargo within your car can be tricky, if not outright dangerous in the event of a crash – and this is no less true for improperly secured loads. Statistics from the US have shown that poorly strapped rooftop cargo has played a major role in countless accidents, injuries and even deaths.

But with the right equipment and high-quality, specially engineered roof rack tie downs, transporting goods on your vehicle’s roof can go off without a hitch.

Keep Your Gear and Accessories Safer

With our range of rugged, strong, certified tie downs, straps and cables here at Roof Racks NZ, keeping your gear safely secured to your roof rack is no challenge at all. Whether you’re driving your car along motorways at high speed or heading over unsealed bush roads, they’ll keep your cargo in place. They’ve been designed by leading manufacturers such as Rhino-Rack and Cruz and can handle even the toughest New Zealand outdoor conditions.

After all, simply clipping on your expensive gear to your roof rack and hitting the road, while better than tossing it in the trunk, isn’t always enough. If you want your valuables to stay safely secured, or you’re transporting long, thin or heavy cargo like a ladder, timber or a kayak, you’ll need quality tie downs for the job.

A car on the road with a kayak attached using roof rack tie downs

The Right Fits For Rhino, Cruz and Yakima Racks

Here at Roof Racks NZ, we know that you value having exactly the right tools to get the job done. That’s why we stock a range of tie downs designed both for general and highly specialised use.

These include shovel brackets to ensure you’ve always got the right tools for the trade site or just to set up camp. Going on a long trip or out into the beautiful Kiwi country? You’ll want our Rhino-Rack spare wheel straps. Free up extra space inside of your vehicle for more luggage, food or even add extra passengers, while ensuring that you’ve got the backup you need in case you get a flat where the AA can’t reach. Enjoy the length of your ride without a worry or a care.
We even have bow and stern tie downs to ensure that your boat is safe for the motorways.

Leave tying sailor’s knots for when you get to the harbour and travel in peace, knowing that your vessel will hit the water unharmed. Now that’s a worthy addition to any camper’s wish list. You can even use these for other parts of your seafaring adventure, like boards, or go non-nautical and keep ladders safe.

Our roof rack tie downs are great if you’re transporting any of the following products:

  • Surfboards
  • Boats
  • Ladders
  • Lumber
  • Kayaks
  • SUP’s
  • Luggage
  • And much more!

The Best Accessories For Your Roof Racks

Roof racks are one of the safest additions to any vehicle if you’re planning to transport cargo that won’t fit in your cabin or boot. They mean that you won’t have to pay to hire a trailer or have to negotiate the challenge of maneuvering one – especially if you’re going on rural roads or around tight, mountainside corners.

With our high-quality tie down straps, you’ll never again have to worry about tying complicated knots just to keep your loads secure. And they do more than making packing for your journey easy. They’ll stop your loads potentially slipping off your vehicle’s roof when you travel at high speed. That’s why they’re essential for keeping you, your family and other road users safe.

Take note – if you hear any unusual noises when you’re driving, that could be a warning sign that your load might not be adequately secured. In such a situation, we recommend pulling over where safe to do so and checking that your cargo is properly fastened to your roof racks. It’s worth scheduling time for regular pit stops and inspections of your load if you’re going on a long trip.

So whether you’re taking along your ladder for a job, bringing a kayak or canoe to the waterside or just want to haul equipment for your next great camping adventure, our roof rack tie downs are the addition you need. They’ll ensure that you’ll get to focus on the journey, knowing your gear will arrive safely with you.

If you’d like more information on the best tie downs for your car or have any questions about our roof rack products and accessories, please get in touch with the Roof Racks NZ team at 09 267 8767. We’ll be more than happy to help.