SUP Car Carrier NZ

If you’re planning on having a great day out on the water, an SUP Car Carrier in NZ is a vital addition to your travel gear. Our range of racks and accessories fit conveniently onto the roof of your vehicle and offer you everything you need for fun in the sun. Prefer surfing? They’re great for transporting surfboards, too. All you have to do is load up and head right out to the lake, river or beach.

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Our car rack accessories make it easy for you to load and unload your boards, even if you’re travelling alone. With their sturdy, protective capacities, you’ll get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your gear will arrive by the water intact and unharmed.

Whether you’re an avid surfer or just beginning to discover the joys of paddle boarding, the key for going from good to great is to use your SUP or surfboard as often as you can. With our roof racks, you’ll be able to free up more space in your car for gear, snacks, or just more mates. That means that you’ll have everything you need to catch the perfect wave.

Get Started On The Water With Our Transport Accessories

If you own an SUP of your own, you might have run into a little logistical problem. These boards can be enormous. So if you’re not next door to the beach or want to check out a great new spot, how do you transport your paddle board?

That’s where our car carriers come in. They affix conveniently onto the roof of your vehicle and make it easy as to transport your board right from your garage to the water’s edge. They’re designed for quick, safe, effective loading and ensure that neither your board nor your vehicle’s roof will be scratched or damaged.

Don’t let their name fool you, either. Our SUP car carriers are highly effective, multifunctional travel accessories that also work great for surfboards, kayaks and even snow sport supplies. Winter doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors when you’ve got transport gear from Roof Racks NZ.

They’re easy to install and with our clamps and attached crossbars, loading your board is quick and easy. Just strap your board in and say goodbye to worrying about how you’ll get your SUP from point A to point B.

We also supply tie-downs and load securing straps so you can ensure that your gear doesn’t risk sliding off when you’re hitting motorway speeds. Keep everything locked and loaded while you’re between your garage door and the water and focus on the excitement of the destination – not the anxiety of the journey.

SUP Car Carrier NZ

What To Look For When Buying An SUP Carrier

With so many SUP car carriers on the market, it can be a real challenge to determine which model is best for you. That’s why we’ve put together this list to help you narrow down your options. Here’s a few things to keep in mind when you’re looking around for the best fit:

Car Compatibility

While our roof racks pair brilliantly with most vehicles, not every carrier is the right fit for every car. A tiny hatchback may need a different set-up from a large ute.

That’s why you should always check whether the rack you’re looking at is compatible with your car. Some models fit onto pre-built racks while others only work with specific systems. If you’re unsure about what works for your vehicle, just get in touch with our team at XXXX, and we’ll help you find a great fit.

Board Capacity

Did the kids each get a surfboard for Christmas? Are you planning to hit the water with all your mates? Before you plan a family trip to the bach, make sure your carrier has enough room for all the boards you plan to transport.

We strongly advise against going over capacity – that could risk the safety of your boards, your vehicle, and other road users.

Soft or Hard Frames

Your choice of frame comes down to your car’s existing set-up. If your vehicle doesn’t have an in-built roof rack, choose a soft frame. They’re easier to set up and remove, which makes for more efficient transportation.

If your car does not have its own pre-installed rack, a hard rack may be a better choice. While they might be more of a challenge to install or take down, they’re much sturdier, offering more protection for your boards and accessories.

SUP Loading Systems

SUP or Surfboard Lock Systems

Some SUP loaders come with their own sturdy Some roof racks come with sturdy lock systems, designed to safeguard your supplies against slipping or theft. Before you shop for the best deals, you’ll want to think about where you’re planning to go and how much security you’ll need for your supplies. Make sure to look at what locking capacity, if any, your racks come with and find one that meets your requirements.

SUP Loading Systems

Paddle boards and surfboards can be heavy. Loading them onto tall vehicles, especially if you’re alone, can be a challenge and even a safety hazard. Some racks come with SUP loading systems, or you can purchase a separate SUP loader to decrease your chances of being injured or damaging your board before you reach the water.

Getting Your SUP Or Surfboard To The Water With Ease

Once you’ve got your own SUP board, you’ll have the freedom to take it out to the water whenever you’d like. That’s why getting a sturdy, reliable form of transportation is essential, especially if you need space in your car for clothing, backpacks and accessories.
Here on Roof Racks NZ, we have a wide range of equipment on sale for transporting your boards with ease. Free up room in your car for friends and family and stack multiple boards on your roof.

The Best Transport Accessories in NZ

Car carriers are essential for holding your boards, equipment or accessories safely in place. These cleverly designed systems are quick and easy to use and will help you get your gear where you need it.

Whether you’re going camping, headed to your bach or just want to get out on the water to make the most of the sunny weekend, our systems will give you the peace of mind that your boards are kept safe and secure when you hit the road.

So if you’d like more information about our range of Rhino and Cruz SUP car carriers or want advice on the best deals for your vehicles, have a look through the products listed below or contact the Roof Racks NZ team at 09 267 8767.