Rhino-Racks Nautic Kayak Racks

Rhino-Racks’ Nautic series of kayak carriers feature the very latest in watercraft transport technology. Built locally by engineers with first-hand kayaking experience, every detail of these rooftop kayak racks has been designed to make getting out on the water seamless.
We supply the following models:

  • Rhino Nautic 580 Kayak Carrier – Side Loading
  • Rhino Nautic 570 Kayak Carrier – Side Loading
  • Rhino Nautic 581 Kayak Carrier – Rear Loading
  • Rhino Nautic 571 Kayak Carrier – Rear Loading
  • Rhino Nautic Stack

The Nautic 571 and 581 carriers feature 2 front Santoprene rubber pads to cushion your kayak and 2 rear, spring-loaded, felt-covered pads, making it easy for you to load your kayak or canoe from the rear.

Rhino-Rack’s Nautic 580 and 570 carriers feature Santoprene rubber pads designed to cushion your kayak and make side mounting easier. These stylish, low-profile cradles are simple to use and compatible with a wide range of roof rack systems.
With all the accessories needed to get you started, they’re one of the best choices when it comes to kayak racks in NZ.

The Rhino-Rack Nautic Stack features a unique vertical design that lets you fit up to 4 kayaks on the roof of a single vehicle. This unique, space-conscious kayak loading option makes it easier than ever for you to convince your mates to join you for a kayaking trip.
A car parked by the water with a kayak rack in NZ

Cruz Kayak Cradle Set – Cruz Rafter

Our high-quality, well-made Cruz Kayak Cradle is compatible with an extensive range of roof racks. Its heavy-duty rubber pads mould to the shape of your kayak, ensuring that your load is evenly spread and your craft is safe during your journey.

Cruz Keel – Kayak Carrier, Side Carry

The Cruz Keel Kayak Carrier features a specially designed main arm that folds down to reduce wind resistance when not in use.
It comes included with straps with cam-lock protectors to keep your kayak secure, and load stops to assist with positioning and security.

Rhino J-Style Kayak Carrier

Rhino-Racks’ J-Style Kayak Carriers come in both fixed and folding varieties. They’re designed to allow you to transport your kayak or canoe on the side of your vehicle. That way, you can free up the space necessary to mount a second craft or other accessories on your car.
You can even attach the Folding J-Style Kayak Carrier to an S512X extension piece allowing you to carry up to 4 kayaks or canoes on your roof racks!

Rhino Adjustable Kayak/Canoe Holder

These canoe holders have been designed to allow you to secure your canoe or kayak in position so that it doesn’t slide about while in transit. That way, you won’t have to worry about your car or other rooftop accessories being damaged.

Cruz Foam Protectors

Sold as a pair, our foam protectors are suitable for most square bars up to a maximum size of 35mm x 35mm. They’re a good option for carrying ridgid kayaks upside down on the roof racks..
Kayak Rack NZ

Rhino Universal Roof Wrap Pads

Protect your roof racks from damage when loading and unloading your kayak with Rhino-Rack’s universal wrap pads. Their strong yet simple Velcro design allows them to fit snugly around most common roof rack systems.

They come with a pair of padded tie-down straps, allowing you to secure your waterfront on your vehicle safely.

BigStack Roof Top Kayak Holder

The BigStack lets you carry up to 4 boats on your roof. You can also use that room to put in other gear, such as paddles, fishing rods or SUPs, getting you ready for a fantastic, multi-sport adventure.

With tool-free installation and universal mounting, it’s easy to simply put this kayak holder on your vehicle and hit the road for a trip like none other.


The saddle-style EvenKeel comes with everything you need to haul your kayak with you, including straps and tie-downs.


This low-maintenance boat carrier lets you carry one boat J-Cradle style or two when loaded vertically.


The KeelOver attaches directly to a roof rack, offering quick, easy tool-free assembly right out of the box.

Rhino-Rack T-Load Mounts

The Rhino-Rack T-Load Hitch and Tow Ball Mounts let you quickly load long loads such as kayaks, ladders and more onto your vehicle and keep them safe for the drive, no matter the elements.

To use them, you simply need to lower the mount and use it as leverage to load your equipment onto the roof of your vehicle with ease.

Showboat 66

The Showboat 66’s load-assist roller slides out over the rear of your vehicle for easy access and to protect the car while loading and unloading your boat.


The Showdown is the first load-assist mount designed to handle kayaks and paddleboards. Its lightweight mount takes on up to nearly half your boat’s weight, making loading and unloading heavy watercraft a breeze.


With two front and rear saddles with integrated rollers, the SweetRoll will help you get onto the water in no time.

If you would like more information on any of our rooftop kayak racks in NZ, our team is happy to help. Just get in touch with us at 09 267 8767 for any questions or information around fitting our products to your vehicle.