Titan Tray 1.2m x 1.2m with Roof Racks (2 bars)


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The Titan Tray is ready for your next adventure! Mounted to your vehicle using a vehicle specific set of CRUZ Airo Dark Roof Racks (included in the price), this complete package gives you the best of both worlds! After the roof racks have been fitted to your vehicle you will easily be able to put on or take off your Titan Tray as you need! Engineered from high-strength, lightweight, anodised aluminium, the Rola® Titan Tray is prepared to carry your gear across any terrain. The innovative design allows a wide range of accessories (sold separately) to be easily attached to all four sides and the top of the tray. Rated up to the maximum weight your vehicles roof is designed to take (see your vehicle owners manual), it’s fully equipped to get the job done. The Titan Tray can be easily transformed from a flat tray to a full basket tray or anything in between by adding Titan Rails. Titan Rails offer additional load retention and tie-down options for securing large bulky gear. Simple, strong and flexible it’s a system that knows no limits!

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