Rhino Rack – Pioneer Accessory Bar Small (C-Channel) (610mm)


This accessory bar allows accessories to be attached to the Rhino-Rack Pioneer Trays, Platforms and Tradies. This is achieved by fitting to the C-Channel in the top of the bar. The Pioneer Accessory Bar offers horizontal fitments, which is perfect for Rhino-Rack bike carrier, kayak carriers, MasterFit luggage boxes and more.


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  • Fit a large range of accessories to the C-Channel in the bar
  • Fits onto the Pioneer Trays, Platforms and Tradies
  • Includes Vortex Generating Strips to reduce wind noise and drag
  • Contains 2 bars 610mm / 24” in length
  • This makes the Pioneer System the most versatile tray on the market by far


3 Years