CRUZ Square Bars for Siderails

Please note: Square bar roof racks can make wind noise when driving when installed on the roof of any vehicle. Any Square Bar Roof Rack system is not aerodynamic in any way- it is a strong, safe, well priced load carrying system. Due to the square shape of the bars, they can make wind noise when driving. To reduce wind noise, we recommend aerodynamic roof rack bars. We have several aerodynamic options available for this vehicle. Please ask us if you have any questions before purchasing.


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CRUZ Square Bars for vehicles with raised siderails feature clamps with rubber inserts that mould to the shape of your vehicles siderails as they are tightened. The bars come fully assembled, ready for easy installation. The result is a strong, safe, TUV Certified system. Includes both bars and everything you need to fit the racks to your vehicle. These square bar siderail mount roof racks have optional locks available, part number 932-034

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